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website. The see-now-buy-now solution for cross-border sales is an exciting development in China's 85.76 billion dollar a year cross-border e-commerce industry. "Pixie Market has a great model for savvy Chinese users.Their trendy, fun look already has a small but loyal following in China," saidXuehua Shen, CEO of BorderX Lab. "Beyond's editors willcreate contentthat expand the brand's popularity and our Chinese end-to-end ordering process will broaden the availability of the brand and help them better serve the market." Pixie Market is a NYC based retailer known for their commitment to delivering every must-have-trend and weekly new arrivals. Their products have been donned by Emma Roberts, Jenn Im, and Chinese Actresses Mi Yang and Yan Tang. These high-profile plugs have worked in combination with Pixie Market's strong online and social media presence to create a latent buzz amongstChina's fashion netizens and the key opinion leaders (KOLs) within China's blogosphere. For Beyond, Pixie Market is the 25th direct partnership with a leading European or North American fashion merchant. The list includes the likes of Alexander Wang, Bloomingdales, and Saks 5th Avenue. Beyond is a cutting edge solution for B2C cross-border e-commerce that makes companies China-readyin weeks. Beyond's merchant partners receive all customer information and purchase data and work closely with Beyond's editors to market to its devoted user base. Beyond's users spend 50 minutes daily on app reading about product trends, usage, promotions and purchasing product. Users average three visits per day and a $160 average order size.

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